Tüyap Fuar ve Kongre Merkezi Büyükçekmece-İstanbul


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From Anatolian Side, take 34AS line from Söğütlüçeşme to Avcılar, at Zincirlikuyu change to 34BZ line. Get off at the last station to reach Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center.

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Connecting to Metrobüs Line from Rail System
You can connect to Metrobus line from the rail system stations below:

Kadıköy - Kartal metrosu ile Uzunçayır Station
M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman Metrosu ile Zincirlikuyu Station
4.Levent - Taksim metrosu ile Mecidyeköy Station
Aksaray - Havaalanı hafif metrosu ile, Yenibosna-Şirinevler-Ömür Stations Zeytinburnu - Kabataş tramvayı ile, Zeytinburnu  ve Cevizlibağ Stations
Zeytinburnu - Bağcılar Tramvayı ile Zeytinburnu Station
Sultançiftliği - Edirnekapı tramvayı ile Edirnekapı Station

If you are using Marmaray Line; change to M1A Yenikapı - Atatürk Airport Metro Line and get off at Şirinevler Station to connect to Metrobus Line

Getting to Tüyap from Airports

From Sabiha Gökçen Airport;   take E10-E11-16S bus lines and get off at Uzunçayır Station to connect to Metrobüs Line.

From İstanbul Airport;  take Beylikdüzü - Tüyap Havaist shuttles. 

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İstanbul, a world capital, one of the oldest settlements known... Challenging the ages from prehistoric ages to modern Turkey, bringing continents together, an enormous trade center.

The most populous city in Turkey, İstanbul is the country's economic and socio-cultural center. In terms of its economic size, it's ranked 34th worldwide. It's the most populous city in Europe, the most populous 6th city worldwide.

As one of the key positions of the world trade, İstanbul holds 55 percent of Turkey's productive power. 45 percent of country's trade volume is realized in this metropolis. İstanbul located between Asia and Europe, direct reachable by plane from 56 counties and 406 cities.

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