What Makes Tüyap's Quality Different? At Tüyap Human Resources Come First

Joining the Tüyap family, you embark on a career in a successful, pioneer institution that's holding a "vanguard position" and continually growing. Tüyap is a place, where you will feel the difference and being surrounded by change.

Our service quality comes from the quality of our employees.

Striving to get high efficiency from competence and creativity of our employees, we endeavor to improve their performance, to provide opportunities for their development, as well as to create a work environment complying with the occupational health and safety legislation.

You have the priority in Tüyap

When determining the new members of the Tüyap family, some qualities are of great importance for us. Because, we believe that in order to preserve Tüyap's quality, we have to work with people sharing our values. Accordingly, if you share the following values, you will be prioritized:

  • If you keep customer relations and quality awareness at the center of your professional life.
  • If you believe in team work.
  • If you are able to create flexible and easy solutions.
  • If you are able to use appropriate communication techniques.
  • If you believe in importance of representing your institution in a best way.

At selecting the best candidate, we direct the right person, at the right time to the right office. And, we aim to conclude the recruitment process at the suitable department by managing the process in a most effective way.

At Tüyap, all kinds of performances are rewarded

Designed for Tüyap, the performance process aims to strengthen the corporate identity and increase the level of communication within the establishment. It's a fair, transparent, dynamic process that motivates people, and reveals the aspects of them which need to be developed. It continuously controls and restores itself and enables the establishment to reach its goals faster.

Based on Tüyap's performance indicators, the system is annually applied to all our employees in the electronic environment.

Planning the Future

Career planning at Tüyap means future planning. Through harmonizing the future plans of the company with the future plans of the individuals, we aim to

  • improve the skills of our employees, so that they can do their work better,
  • ensure that our employees build new skills for the new positions that they can assume in the future.

We believe that effective human resource increases the corporate brand value and raises the motivation of the employees. Believing that our most valuable reserves are our employees, we constantly invest in the future through our targeted career planning.

For grand goals, education comes first

We improve and grow together with our employees. We support our employees with various programs that can help them realize their potentials and also contribute to company's success. Programs, differing according to the areas of responsibilities, accompany our employees throughout their careers. Tüyap has become the leader in the market due to its experience and ever-growing know-how.

  • Training courses, workshops, conferences
  • Leadership and management training programs for the development of our managers
  • Couching programs
  • Through taking part in various projects employees can have the chance to experience different responsibilities and gain experience.

After clicking for the vacant positions at Tüyap you can login with your  "" account and apply for a position.

For internship opportunities at Tüyap place an application at

  • web site or,
  • Personally come and place your application at our Headquarters or Regional offices.

All applications made through these channels are entered into our database. During annual workforce requirement planning we research our archives and select future employees from suitable candidates in our database.