Konya is located at the heart of the Central Anatolia region, and is the largest province of Turkey by area. The province is spread out over fertile flatlands on top of rich subterranean resources, and is the agricultural hub of Turkey, with the industry developing at a sustained rate. With its historical and cultural significance, Konya is a trading partner with Europe and Turkey’s regional neighbors, and an important manufacturing and export hub in Central Anatolia.
With 227 fairs held from 2003, 21.073 companies and company representatives and 4.699.345 visitors came together under the Tüyap roof in Konya. Tüyap Konya organized 9 fairs in 2018 with 1036 companies and company representatives from 36 countries and hosted 391.308 visitors from 108 different countries.
The venue has a closed area of 66.000 m2 and 20.000 m2 of open exhibition space, parking for 3500 visitors and private parking for 500 participants, with additional parking for 50 semitrailers, three conference halls with capacities varying between 250 to 600 participants, a restaurant and is fully air-conditioned. Other amenities include electrical power rated at 2400 kVA/h, pressurized air, water and sewage systems, private security, first aid services, telephone and Wi-Fi services.
Tüyap Konya operates in association with the Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Trade, Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the Konya Chamber of Commerce, the Konya Chamber of  Industry.