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“TÜYAP İstanbul Boat Show 2012”, the second greatest boat show fair in the world organized ashore, attracted great interest of visitors.

Having brought together the extraordinary brands of vessels, equipment and accessories, TÜYAP İstanbul Boat Show 2012 also brought the sun to Büyükçekmece which was felt all around Istanbul. This magical organization provided an opportunity for visitors to closely see and examine the boats and accessories from February 18 to 25. From day one, it became the center of attention of all sea lovers, young and old.

More than 500 boats, 40 of which were exhibited for the first time in the world, were shown at Tüyap İstanbul Boat Show 2012. The Show was held in a closed area of 85 thousand square meters in a total of 11 exhibition halls, with the participation of 617 brands from 33 countries. While some of the vessels, at a wide price range between one thousand dollars and 3.8 million dollars, came to the forefront with their speed and maneuverability, the others fascinated the visitors with their extraordinary design and comfort.

Tüyap İstanbul Boat Show 2012 attracted 64.985 domestic and foreign visitors, and with its wide variety of products, top-quality fairground services, large number of visitors and the great atmospher, Tüyap İstanbul Boat Show 2012 won the approval of all marine enthusiasts, media representatives, marine industry professionals and public authorities. 

As well as the fully-equipped boats exhibited, TÜYAP Istanbul Boat Show 2012 brought a fun and lively experience to the visitors with its training seminars, virtual and underwater exhibitions organized. Özkan Gülkaynak, a sailor from İzmir who traveled around the world with his boat named “Kayıtsız 3” without using any electronic device, shared his experiences. The visitors had the opportunity to listen to the experiences of people who have made the sea a lifestyle, thanks to the “World Offshore Championships Signature Day” organized by the Offshore Club, as well as Tolga Pamir, the Turkish Sailmaker who completed, on his own, the Mini Transat at a distance of 4,163 sea miles with his 6.5 meter boat named “Yakamoz” in the past months. Furthermore, many interesting surprises awaited the little visitors in the “Children’s Club, Octopus in the Sea” within the fair.

You may access the exhibitor list, layout plan and activities program and also obtain detailed information pertaining to TÜYAP İstanbul Boat Show  on the website, www.tuyapboatshow.com and the web page www.facebook.com/tuyapboatshow.